HOTLLAMA Media is a creative technology company focused on fully exploiting the capabilities of DVD and dedicated to developing innovative DVD-related solutions that surpass the needs and expectations of both you and your audience. With core capabilities in technology, design, marketing and promotions, HOTLLAMA can provide everything you need to interact, engage and connect with your audience.

The HOTLLAMA Player is an all-in-one, fully customizable multimedia Player, integrating DVD video, Internet, high-end graphics, Flash content, games, promotions and third party applications.

> DirectX 8.1 or greater
> Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 Prof, XP/2000 & Media Center Edition
> Internet Explorer 5.5/SP2 or greater (IE 6.0 recommended)
> DirectShow supported DVD Decoder Installed
> Latest Video drivers are recommended

> At least Pentium II/333mhz or greater with at least 64mb RAM
> A video adapter that supports DirectX 8.1 or greater
> A DVD-ROM drive (will not play on a CD-ROM drive)
> Hardware DVD Decoder Installed (must support DirectShow)
> An Internet connection

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